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Alt Lending Week Ending 8th April 2022

Where the Tabloids meet Fintech Selman Turk who founded failed Fintech startup Selman AI. Is an ex Goldman Sachs employee who has now been referred to as a “Fraudster” by the Daily Mail. This is based on the fact that Mr. Turk apparently arranged a payment of some £ 750k to the black sheep of…
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8 April 2022 0

Alt Lending Week Ended 1st April 2022

NatWest back in private hands, Just? The continuing saga of the sale of NatWest looks to be as long running as the Mousetrap. The latest sale, orchestrated through Morgan Stanley, reduces the government’s stake to 48.1% and like Gordon Brown’s handling of the UK Gold reserves is crystallising large losses for the taxpayer. This is…
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Alt Lending week ending 25th March 2022

Alt Finance: Sex for loans. Not really Fintech is it? The UK’s Centre for Social Justice a centre-right think tank has published a paper suggesting that approximately 2.4% of the population or 1.08 million people had admitted to borrowing money from “ someone locally who charged interest” outside of the regulated finance sector and nearly…
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25 March 2022 0

Alt Lending week ended March 11th 2022

Credit Suisse all at Sea once again. I had promised myself not to mention Credit Suisse this week but last Wednesday’s FT article was too interesting to ignore.  The article concerns a request to investors in some of CS’s somewhat more sporty packages to destroy confidential information given to them to help them evaluate the…
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11 March 2022 0

Alt Lending Week Ended 4th March 2022

Exposure to Russia. Lenders who have played fast and loose. At the end of the day Western Europe decided to  ignore the relentless build up of military hardware and personnel on Ukraine’s borders as a bluff by President Putin. I must admit that I did not really understand why he did it but perhaps Sunday’s…
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Alt Lending week ending 25th February 2022

More Scandal from Credit Suisse For poor Credit Suisse it seems that it never just rains but is a continual and extremely heavy downpour. This time it is an information leak published in both the Guardian and the New York Times which shines a light on some of  less than squeaky clean clients. On its…
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25 February 2022 0

Alt Lending Week ended 18th February 2022

Home truths from Martin Vander Meyer Market turmoil is the dominant subject in the Spectator’s weekly look at financial matters. Incidentally today’s Sunday Telegraph also contained an interview with Peter Smith the American boss of the Uk’s largest digital coin exchange Blockchain .com. who bemoans the lack of innovation in NFT’s by the FTA that…
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Alt Lending Week Ending 11th February 2022

Fintech investment in UK bigger than France Germany and China combined! It seems that Brexit has had little impact on inward investment in the Fintech sector. What always amazes me is the way the press always seem surprised that this is happening and has been happening for years. There must be some underlying sentiment which…
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11 February 2022 0

Alt lending week ending 4th Feb 2022

Bankers’ Fury as Credit Suisse claws back bonuses Poor old Credit Suisse they never seem far from controversy and now there is a row over bonus payments. Specifically some of the non front office staff will have bonus clawback provisions built into their employment contracts. What I found hard to fathom was that the bank…
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Alt Lending week ending 28th January 2022

Horta-osorio and Credit Suisse It seems that trouble automatically finds the top dogs at Switzerland’s second largest bank. In the Portuguese bankers case it was COVID restrictions that forced his resignation as Chairman after just nine months. It was his mission to sort out the obvious problems which had arisen  under his predecessor. Unfortunately new…
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