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Alt Lending week ended 9th July 2021

HSBC bucks trend as European banks decline in importance The Banker magazine has released new data on the standing of the worldwide banking industry. There are no surprises but why should there be banking is not the business it used to be and the transparency of accounting standards across continents does not look like it…
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9 July 2021 0

Alt lending week ended 2nd July 2021

The trouble with Newcomers The Daily Telegraph’s City Correspondent , Ben Marlow cites the not untypical tale of Digital newcomer Revolut in his column of 22nd. June 2021. The interesting thing is that the same story seems to repeat itself across the whole of the digital banking sector. Revolut in many ways is a great…
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2 July 2021 0

Alt Lending Week ending 25th June 2021

JP Morgan wealth management strategy becoming clearer It seems like JP Morgan operating under the Chase Manhattan banner’s plans for its UK digital banking start up are a little bit more than just plans for the UK market. Nutmeg is a digital fund manager which has been operating since 2011 and has amassed a considerable…
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25 June 2021 0

Alt Lending week ended 18th June 2021

Major Banks face further capital constraints over exposures to crypto currencies The Basel committee on Banking supervision is apparently casting its eyes on bank’s exposures to crypto currencies. At the same time it acknowledges that the size of these exposures are small by comparison to the overall size of the banking system. It seems that…
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18 June 2021 0

Alt Lending Week ended 11th June

Tapering of Eurozone bank’s stimulus package is “ unavoidable” Speculation is mounting that the Eurozone’s   Euro 1.85 billion stimulus package allowing the ECB to purchase Eurozone member banks bonds in the order of  Euro 95 billion per month will soon face demands for tapering and winding down the programme in the face of rising inflation…
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11 June 2021 0

Alt Lending Week Ended 4th June 2021

Archegos faces probe by department of justice. Family office or hedge fund ,take your pick. What is sure is that Bill Hwang’s leveraged bets are now going to be closely looked at by the US department of justice. Prima Facie the story doesn’t  look that complex. Archegos got margin calls from lenders that it could…
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Alt Lending Week ending 28th May  2021

Nobody benefits from open banking reforms The 2018 reforms introduced in order to make it easier for customers to switch bank account providers don’t seem to have pleased anybody. As if to highlight yet another initiative which does not do what it says on the tin the major banks say it has massively increased their…
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28 May 2021 0

Alt Lending Week ended 21st May 2021

Clearing Banks close 500 Branches during pandemic As if further evidence was in fact needed the major high street banks are reducing their attachment to real estate. Since 2015 over 400 branches have been closed. This is attracting the attention of the powers that be as there is no substitute for those who are not…
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21 May 2021 0

Alt lending Week ended 14th May 2021

Companies to borrow £ 7 billion less this year as UK economy rebounds New figures out from Leading accountants Ernst and Young suggest that companies will be borrowing less this year as the UK economy bounces back strongly. While this is not too surprising,  the Bank of England says that the UK has not seen…
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14 May 2021 0

Alt Lending Week ended 7th. May 2021

Eurozone facing mass bankruptcies A leaked report from the The European Sytemic Risk Board(ESRB) which is chaired by Christine Lagarde and is the key risk watchdog within the EU is forecasting a huge increase in bankruptcies once COVID support facilities are unwound. While this is not totally unexpected many European banks were  already carrying large…
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