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Technology & Digitalization ETFs

Invest in ETFs designed to provide exposure to companies that are involved in breakthrough technology, such as robotics and/or AI.

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Climate Change & Clean Energy ETFs

Invest in ETFs designed to track the performance of companies involved in the clean energy sector including renewables and clean technology.

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Demographic & Social Change ETFs

Invest in ETFs composed of companies that could benefit from long-term demographic and social change, such as the aging society.

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Emerging Markets & Global Wealth ETFs

Invest in ETFs designed to benefit from the rapid growth, new technology and newly affluent consumers in Asia and across emerging markets.

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Latest News aggregates the latest news on global megatrends.

Biden hits US oil drillers with first royalty increase in a century

Move comes as White House tries to mobilise progressive voters ahead of November election

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12 April 2024 0

Huawei goes ‘007’ and TSMC gets a grant

The inside story on the Asia tech trends that matter, from Nikkei Asia and the Financial Times

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11 April 2024 0

Why dumbing down your house could be a smart move

By Eloise HendyEver since the launch of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa in 2014, smoothly subservient smart home devices have become an accepted part of domestic life. Preheat your oven on[…]

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1 April 2024 0

Megatrend insights

Articles, blogs and research reports about megatrends and thematic investing.

The rise and rise of thematic investing – It is always amusing to see if our predictions about the future eventually turn out to be the case. But it becomes even more interesting if an investor is willing to put his money where his mouth is and invest in the trends that are most likely to hold such potential.

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What are megatrends?

BlackRock – Identifying the potential for change is a key driver of investment decision-making. Megatrends are structural shifts that are longer term in nature and have irreversible consequences for the world around us. The awareness of megatrends in investment processes offers real insights. Because of that, megatrends influence our investment decisions – from the businesses, industries and countries we invest in to the way we go about finding opportunities.

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Thematic investing: thematically wrong?

CFA Institute – Of course, most investors are only interested in themes that generate enviable returns. Thematic investing isn’t just performance chasing, it’s performance chasing with a narrative. That can be a seductive combination. So should investors consider thematic investing?

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From indexes to insights: the rise of thematic investing

McKinsey & Company – Leading institutions say this new approach can deliver better performance over the long term than their traditional methods. Here’s how they’re putting it in place.

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Megatrends 2020 and beyond

EY – Understanding megatrends will help you see opportunities where others don’t.

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