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Win Some, Lose Some in Accelerated Life Insurance Underwriting

Life insurance ownership has seen a decline in the recent past. There was an estimated $25 trillion gap between coverage purchased and needed in the event of a loved one’s death in 2016, in the US alone. Suboptimal processes might have contributed to this shortfall. Consider something as basic as getting a physical examination, often…
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14 October 2021 0

The Underwriter’s Gambit Part 1: A New Workbench

During last year’s lockdowns, a 35-year-old New Orleans resident went online, and in the time it took to finish his freshly brewed coffee, he secured a $750,000 life insurance policy. Until recently, the same policy took over a month, requiring a battery of medical tests. The life policy was purchased from a new age life…
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3 June 2021 0